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Please note that you can contact the staff of Bed&Show at any time by simply sending an e-mail at:

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Bed&Show is a new and original project: everyday we try to improve it, implementing the features that we thaink are fundamental for our users.

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Have you an original idea? Do you you think you could improve something or you just want to say something? Get it! Any criticism, positive or negative, will be constructive and help to improve the project!
  • Looking for

    Choose your tour legs and get in touch with the artists that are living there. Register in the site and expand your performance without even thinking about accommodation and travel expenses: with Bed&Show, you give and get hospitality!

  • Experience

    Your show is not only on stage: BED&SHOW is a special experience for all those who want to live of their own creativity, comparing emotions, ideas, opinions and advices.

  • Save money

    Don't limit your life by staying in your hometown, expand your performance! BED&SHOW lets you get free accommodation, depending on your show.  

  • Socialize

    Create your personal network, live real and intense experiences. Bed&Show is an open door to a real social project for the artists' community.

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