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“Brainchild of Tiberio Ferracane”

My starting point was that artists, musicians, dancers, comedians (and many other categories) usually cannot perform anywhere else but in their hometown, as their cachet does not include travel and accommodation expenses. I came out with the creation of a smart network tailored for artists that want to perform in other cities and that are willing to host their colleagues.

How to be part of Bed&Show:

1) register your e-mail address on the web-site
2) enter the details about your proposal (for example, where you live, when and how long you can share your home with an artist)
3) choose the city where you want to perform in and get in touch with local artists
4) find free accommodation and start your performance!

In other words, share your home and compare your experience with artists belonging to your same category too: Bed&Show is not only a work tool, but also a social space for exchanging information and ideas!

And again: insert your CV. Music clubs and show agencies are always looking for new talents, and you might be the one!

Bed&Show strengths are in our passion and willingness to connect people and create a powerful network! Join us now and be part of the show!


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